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I think you're probably asking about local builing codes and zoning laws.  Local means they are all different depending on where you are.  I've never seen any such code that addresses the fi ...Read more

So long as you have properly filed a mechanic's lien, then you have to bring a lawsuit on the unpaid balance owed within 90 days.

You can hire an attorney to send him a letter to try and resolve the problems or you can sue him in court to compel him to fix the repairs.

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Disadvantaged Business Enterprises: Potential Opportunities or Disasters

The certified “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise” (DBE) is an integral part of the construction industry in California and nationwide. Billions of dollars in construction funds are allocat ... Read more

Before You Sign That Construction Contract in Colorado

Contracts for new home construction are full of dangers for the homebuyer. Typical clauses slipped into long, detailed contracts by big home building companies include these clauses: The homebuyer wai ... Read more

A Refresher on “Prelims” — Part 3 The Challenge of “Substantial Accuracy”

In this final post about Preliminary Notices, we will address a question that often arises when completing the required information: What should a contractor or material supplier do if the price liste ... Read more

A Refresher on “Prelims” — Part 2 Where Does a Notice of Nonresponsibility Fit In?

Yes, serving a valid and timely Preliminary Notice to the correct individuals is the single most important thing a competent materials supplier or subcontractor can do to protect its investment in lab ... Read more

Between a Seller and a Buyer, Who Owns a Construction Defect Claim?

If a construction defect exists in a home both before and after sale to a buyer, who owns the claim? It depends on who learned about the problem, and when. Suppose Owner owns a residential property th ... Read more

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