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You can write a letter and appeal to the board for the HOA to pay for your company to do the work.  If they don't agree, then request that they agree to mediation of the dispute.  If they re ...Read more

What does your lease agreement say about repairs and maintenance to the premises?  The lease agreement controls who pays for these costs.   I agree with you that this is a cost that the con ...Read more

When to pay for work is part of your negotiation.  There is no law on that.  What does the written agreement you have with your contractor say about when payment should be made? As a part o ...Read more

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Under Pennsylvania law, persons can become liable for causing injuries to others through their own fault. This is one way of describing "negligence" which is the legal term for liability cre ... Read more

Media Workers' Compensation Lawyer: Occupational Disease Claims - Asbestos

As a General Rule, the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act provides the “exclusive remedy” for someone who is injured or contracts a disease, while at their job. This means that the work ... Read more

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Cold temperatures combined with wind and moisture may lead to serious health conditions for those who work outdoors. Prolonged exposure to extreme cold weather conditions may lead tocold stress injuri ... Read more

Media Workers' Compensation Lawyer: Uninsured Employer Guarantee Fund (UEGF)

Employee vs. Independent Contractor Are Independent Contractors entitled to workers’ compensation benefits? What makes someone an independent contractor? What happens if my “employer&#8 ... Read more

You've Been Hurt at Work - Do's and Don'ts

You’ve Been Hurt at Work – Do’s and Don’ts You’ve been hurt at work. Maybe you slipped and fell down the stairs, had an accident in a casino or on a ... Read more

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