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Depending on your contract and when you did your last work, you may still have a mechanic's lien right.  When you say "commercial customer" I am assuming that you did your work directly for the b ...Read more

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If you can prove that your builder either with knowledge acted to defraud you or negligently caused you damage based on the standard of a builder in a similar situation you should sue for damages. &nb ...Read more

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Mechanic's Liens: When Is Work Completed?

Timing is everything when it comes to construction payment disputes. The California constitution and civil code provide significant remedies for contractors and suppliers who do not get paid what ... Read more

New Liquidated Damages Provision for Public Works Contracts

On January 1, 2016, Section 7203 of the California Public Contract Code went into effect, impacting public works construction projects. Initially, the statute seems to provide protection for the u ... Read more

CSLB to Scrutinize Workers' Compensation Exemptions

There is a very strong public policy in favor of employers maintaining workers’ compensation insurance. This has become even more prominent in the construction industry, where construction b ... Read more


Contractors interested in increasing profits at the expense of worker safety have been lobbying for regulators to weakenNew York’s Scaffold Safety Law. Currently, the law requires contractors an ... Read more

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers: Insurance Fraud and Unsafe Working Conditions

Anyone who has ever worked in the construction industry or who has known someone who has, understands the difficulties of the job. So when the CEO of a construction company was brought to court during ... Read more

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