Construction Accidents

If you are injured in a construction accident, whether a particular participant in the construction process, such as the architect, may be liable for the injury you suffered depends on the legal duty that person owed you. Employers are liable for injuries suffered by construction workers working on the employer's construction site. Bystanders injured in construction accidents may recover from the person or persons who are at fault. Please read on to find a construction accident lawyer, construction accodemt attorney or access more information in our construction accident law practice center.

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Ask a Lawyer - Construction Law questions answered by leading lawyers
im a sub and the general hasnt paid me for a month because we havent made to the draw
he wont answer my calls were building a house for someone . the general contractor told me he would pay me every week then he didnt he said we had to make it to the bank inspection well the weather has been real bad but he doesnt answer my calls he owes me athousand dollars how can i get my money
Will law help me recover my money from pool contractor, need my money back!!
I had a written contract to build a pool by contractor and he took 24 K advance to do the work. After 3 wks of no work he returns with another contract of almost 1.5 times the original amount saying the work cost more than he thought and wanted us to sign new contract. We refused to sign and wanted our money refunded. We also put a legal notice of 30 days to refund our money. He doesnt want to return my full money ( wants to keep $8500 to his pocket with 0 work, just giving bids and holding my money and work for a month). What should I do, I want my full money refunded??? Can law help me to recover full money?
Mechanics Lien
I have, as a third tier supplier, to a hospital project in Greensboro some bills way over due and collection from the second tier contractor will not happen. I would like to file a mechanics lien. Remaining retainage by the owner/GC is being held out our claim Help. Thanks
How long do I have t o file for damages on a property I had work done on. The damages were don't by
While installing a manufactured home two parts were put together removing the protective plastic but no plastic was put over the roof.we called the guy doing the work and told him it was raining in the House and he didn't send someone out for a full 24 hours in which it rained the whole time. The damage was about $50,000 and about half of the house had to be gutted and fixed
I am amputee and I hired a contractor to make my house handicap accessiable. He didn't completed the
with he did do. I would like to know where I should go from her to get my monies back and to have someone else come and redo the work that he messed up.
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