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contractor taking advantage of senior

1 Answers. Asked on Jun 04th, 2016 on Construction Law - California
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My Mother is 84 and lives alone. She needed some foundation repair on her home bought in 1969 she signed some sort of contract where it stated she was approved for a lone of $70,000 with hero, they been working on all kinds of things and have talked her in to way over her head. Still no Dollar amount. When we found out she put a hold on the loan and contractor demanded money. need help Pamela Toneck
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Answered on Jun 05th, 2016 at 7:05 AM

I'm unclear if you are looking to get the work completed or if you don't want your mother to pay the amount the contractor claims.  If you want to get the work done, then get a quote from another contractor and deduct that from the total amount due and hire someone else.  If you don't want to pay the contractor for work he hasn't done or for unsatisfactory work, then try to work it out with him.  You may need an attorney to help you with this.

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