I hired a construction worker. he have me an estimate that was acceptable. i never signed the estimate, and after a 2 week period, he changed the

Asked on May 20th, 2017 on Construction Law - Pennsylvania
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estimate to an additional $1,000.00. The work has not been completed, and now he is threatening to put a lien against my property. I am doing this work to sell my home soon. I already paid him $3200.00, and, offered him a check for $1000.00. to close this out with him. He refused the check. I sent him the check, Return Receipt Requested, telling him to accept the check within 3 business days as a final payment. The work is not completed on the house. I intend to deposit the money back into my account if he does not accept this. this check would bring the amount I paid him to $4,200.00. The original estimate was $4,854.15. The incomplete work totals roughly $700.00 of the original price. This is according to his own estimate. Will this screw up my home sale? Can I counter this activity ? He came back and reduced the price. but, The work is not done and there is a principal here. I need some direction. Thanks!
Answered on May 22nd, 2017 at 10:48 AM
It sounds to me like the contractor violated the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act by failing to give you a signed agreement that contains all of the provisions required by the Act. The fact that he violated HICPA probably gives you some good negotiating leverage.  One consequence of violating HICPA is that you can void the contract.  A solid letter from an attorney identifying his obligations under HICPA, where he violated the law and the consequences of those violations would probably help you get to a resolution of this matter. 
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