My customer refuses to pay my final invoices after I stopped working for him. He owes me over $15,000. Can I sue him in court for payment + damages?

Asked on Jun 22nd, 2017 on Construction Law - California
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I was providing consulting services for misc. not defined, odd engineering jobs for almost 2 years.. I was compensated based on number of hours worked and submitted invoices monthly using agreed fixed hourly rate. The non-payment of my final invoices is customer revenge because I quit.
Answered on Jun 23rd, 2017 at 10:12 AM
If  your are duly licensed (and required to be as required by California law) then based upon the specific facts of your situation, you would have the right to seek recovery of the additional sums due.  We would require you to retain us to review your particular situation in order to provide an direction that you may want to consider taking.
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