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The builder is asking for a large down payment on the project. Do I have to pay this?
If you need some work done on your home, you will likely engage the services of a builder (also known as a “contractor”). When you first speak with a possible contractor, you will describe the basic work you are looking for: perhaps a renovated bathroom, a new roof, or the digging and installation ... READ MORE

What is a mechanics lien?
If you are a homeowner doing a renovation or construction project, you want to try to avoid mechanics liens. A mechanics lien is a legal tool that can be employed by contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers who perform work or provide materials on your home, and claim that they were never fully paid. ... READ MORE

How do I find a good builder or construction contractor?
If you need to hire a builder (also known as a contractor) for home renovation or construction work, finding the right match is critical. Just like selecting other types of professionals; such as doctors, lawyers, and investment managers; there are several considerations to finding that match. Technical ... READ MORE

Does a builder have to honor a written estimate?
Imagine that you decide to hire a local contractor to retile your kitchen floors. You explain the type of tile you want, the floor plans, and the basic timeline. The contractor then gives you a piece of paper indicating that the cost will be $3,000. You agree, and he begins work. After completing the ... READ MORE

I've changed my mind about what I want. Can I make a change to my construction project?
Imagine that you hired a contractor to perform some major renovations on your kitchen. You had extensive discussions about what you wanted: a huge new island in the center of the kitchen, blue triangular tiles on the floor, the installation of new appliances, and granite countertops. The contractor presented ... READ MORE

Who is responsible for the insurance covering a home renovation project up through completion?
To what extent must the homeowner as opposed to the contractor purchase insurance to cover possible damage during home repairs and improvements? ... READ MORE

Who can obtain a building permit?
If you're getting ready for construction or building work on your home, who should you anticipate will need to take out the permits, and is that person eligible to do so? ... READ MORE

What should be covered in a construction contract?
You think you've arrived at an agreement with your home contractor, but do the two of you really understand what you expect of the other, and what will happen in the event of changes or disagreements? ... READ MORE

What permits or inspections are needed for a construction project?
Is the type or scale of work you're having done on your home significant enough to require a municipal permit? ... READ MORE

Does every construction project need an architect?
Can you get by without an architect for your project--or do you want to? ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Construction Law Basics Case From a Local Attorney

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That depends upon the language of the settlement agreement. Does it entitle you to enter a judgment? Was a confession of judgment signed together with the settlement agreement?  If the answer is& ...Read more

If  your are duly licensed (and required to be as required by California law) then based upon the specific facts of your situation, you would have the right to seek recovery of the additional sum ...Read more

Demand letter, then lawsuit if there is no reaction. Edward Zohn, Attorney at Law, 908.791.0312

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